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17/07/06 - Another wee update. The Redblade campaign receives a long overdue update, adding a host of new spells and feats from various places. Also, A Light To Dispel The Dark is in a good state - the bits I've done are now entirely bug-free, and the first plot twist is in place. The first cutscene is a bit sucky, but it works, and the area design isn't great, because that bores the hell out of me. The rest is awesome. Also, a profile update, confirming that I passed my first year of university and utterly pwnd programming. I don't think an update every 6 months is too bad...

31/01/06 - Long time, no update. New module, as often happens, and Distant Lands has been stopped, since I have no attention span. The new module has yet to be properly named, but bears the working title Driving Force. It's just an experiment really, where I try to write a morale script for an RTS environment. Going well so far. Also, the profile gets an update.

26/06/05 - Added some character information to the description of A Light to Dispel the Dark. Find the new information here.

09/06/05 - Info about the D&D campaign I participate in. For my own benefit mainly, so that I don't forget so much. Also added a small bit about me, and fixed a load of broken links so that the site now works. There are other minor additions too.

08/06/05 - Info about my new module uploaded! I'm looking for someone to motivate me into working on it. If you're interested, Email me. Screenshots when I take some. Also, there is more information about my Redblade campaign, and about how nearly finished it is.